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Information of China International Exhibition for Roofing & Waterproofing Technology (R&W 2009) Time:2017/03/03 16:10:00 Hit:2792


      14 - 16 October 2009


      Beijing International Exhibition Center, Beijing 


    China National Waterproof Building Materials Industry Association

      National Roofing Contractors Association

Exhibitors in  2008:

   Atlas Roofing Corporation.

    BASF (China) Co., Ltd.

    Bayer Material Science

    Ciba (China) Ltd.

    Central Association of German Roofing Contractors

    Dow Corning Corporation

    DURAPROOF Dichtungssysteme GmbH

    Firestone Building Products Company

    Greenseal Products

    IKO Co.

    Johns Manville Nonwovens Co., Ltd

    Kirson Industrial Reinforcements GmbH

    KraussMaffei Berstorff GmbH

    Kryton International Group Beijing Representative Office

    LEISTER Technologies Ltd.

    Masterplast Ltd. Shanghai Representative Office

    National Roofing Contractors Association

    Nardini S.p.A.

    National Starch & Chemical Company

    Onduline Co., Ltd.

    Owens Corning Co., Ltd

    PABCO Roofing Products (USA)

    Pacific Polymers International, Inc.

    Rohm and Haas International Trading (Shanghai) Ltd.

    Rohm and Haas China Inc.

    Reichel & Drews (USA)

    Sarnafil Waterproofing Systems Co., Ltd

    SFS intec AG, Shanghai Representative Office

    Sika Ltd.

    Soprema Inc.

    Stevens Roofing Systems

    Tegola Co., Ltd.

    Vedag Gmbh

Main Scope of exhibits:

Asphalt sheets:

SBS and APP modified asphalt sheet,  fiberglass reinforced and polyester reinforced modified asphalt waterproof sheet, self-adhering waterproof sheet, modified asphalt felt with colored granules and felt with metal foil surfacing etc.

Polymer waterproof sheets:

PVC, EPDM, CPE, TPO, HDPE, rubber-plastic blend waterproof sheet and adhesive material for polymer sheet etc.

Insulating materials:

Spray polyurethane foam, PU and polystyrene panels etc.

Shingles and tiles:

Asphalt shingles (colored shingles), metal tiles, cement tiles, PVC tiles, colored steel tiles, fiberglass reinforced plastic tiles, metal roofing, roofing sheets and light-weight roof systems etc.

Waterproof underlayment for steep-slope roofs:

Asphalt organic underlayment, underlayment for organic felt, polymer underlayment, self-adhering asphalt underlayment etc.

Accessory and raw materials:

Polyester reinforcements, fiberglass reinforcements, release materials, colored granules, SBS and APP modifier, asphalt and polymer raw materials for chemical engineering etc.

Complete set of manufacture machinery and technologies for waterproof materials: Equipment for modified asphalt sheets, asphalt shingles, polymer sheets, waterproofing coatings, sealing materials etc.

Waterproofing installation tools and application technology

Parts and fittings for waterproof systems

Testing devices and equipments for waterproof materials

Sealing materials:

Silicone, polysulfide, polyurethane, acrylic and bituminous sealant etc.

Waterproof coatings:

One- and two-part polyurethane waterproof coating, environment-friendly acrylic coating, silicon rubber, asphalt and cement polymer coating etc.

Rigid waterproof and leakage-blocking materials:

Waterproof agents, polymer waterproof mortar, penetration and crystalline waterproof material, grouting material, bentonite and water swelling material etc.

Infrastructure and civil engineering waterproof materials:

Modified asphalt waterproof sheets and coatings for roads and bridges, geomembrane for landfills, waterproof membranes for diversion works and sewage disposal treatment plant, waterproof materials specially for subways and tunnels


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China National Waterproof Building Materials Industry Association

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National Roofing Contractors Association

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