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Our association was approved by China National Building Materials Industry Bureau in 1984. It has been registered by Civil Administration Ministry, directed and supervised by China National Economy and Trade Committee and Society Registration and Management Institute of Civil Administration Ministry.

According to relevant laws and regulations, this association is voluntarily organized by nationwide production, research, design, construction and business units such as enterprises, institutes, colleges and universities in waterproof materials industry to form a national non-profit, self-discipline organization. As a social economic group, its legal person is the social group.

The principles of our association are: abide by National Constitution, laws and policies; insist on serving for member units, waterproof industry, government and the society; play the roles of bridge and ligament; maintain national benefits and the legal rights of the member units and the industry; maintain the morality of the society; standardize the market; reasonablize the competitions, and promote the healthy development of the waterproof industry.