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Event Three of the First Waterproofing Industry Online Conference 2020. the 14th Single-ply Roofing Technology and Marketing Seminar (Live Video) Time:2020/07/20 14:37:00 Hit:315




Encountered with the COVID-19 epidemic since 2020, China has made every effort to fight against the epidemic and stabilize economic and social development. Waterproofing enterprises are also earnestly implementing the tasks of epidemic prevention and control, stabilizing employment and ensuring the stability of waterproofing industrial and supply chains. Chinese government is making new arrangements on implementing regular epidemic prevention and control measures and fully advancing work resumption. in order to further enhance the influence and communication of the seminar, the 14th Single-ply Roofing Technology and Market Seminar, as the third event of the First Waterproofing Industry Conference series in 2020, continued to be held on July 16 in the form of live webcast. The seminar shared and interpreted the advanced single-ply roofing technology achievements and domestic advanced single-ply roofing products and applications with all audience.

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