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2020 General Assembly Meeting of CWA was successfully concluded Time:2020/12/21 11:11:00 Hit:489


Group photo of the Eighth Council members of CWA

(Term of office: Dec 2020-Dec2025)

The Eighth General Assembly meeting and the First meeting of the Eighth Council of CWA was held successfully on December 7, 2020 in Hangzhou, China.

The meeting summarized the work and achievements of the Seventh Council of CWA and the new members of the Eighth Council have been selected. 389 delegates of CWA membership, 152 council members attended the vote. More than 900 participants witnessed the historic moment. The new members of Eighth Council of CWA include one Director, one Secretary General, one Executive deputy director and the other 26 deputy directors.

         Brief Introduction of the Management


Mr. Li Weiguo

Director of CWA


Mr. Zhu Dongqing

Legal representative

Secretary General of CWA


 Ms. Miao Yan

Executive Deputy Director of CWA