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How can you motivate remote workers? Time:2020/12/28 16:08:00 Hit:34


Remote work continues throughout the U.S. as the COVID-19 pandemic affect business operations. Although many have adjusted to the “new normal,” it is important for you to find ways to keep your workers motivated until you can once again gather in-person.

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers shares five ways to inspire and motivate remote teams and help them keep pace with organizational demands and goals:

--Check in frequently.Whether it comes in the form of asking a quick question, clarifying a detail or soliciting feedback on an idea, find a reason to reach out to your team members and encourage regular interactions.

--Have fun! Engaging your teammates and facilitating a bit of fun helps promotes a sense of belonging and community, which is important during these uncertain times. It can be as simple as a video chat during lunch or meeting to share quarantine stories.

--Be flexible and human. The “traditional” workday has morphed into a flexible workday, and some workers may not be able to work the typical hours. Few things will motivate team members more than having a flexible boss who trusts them to manage their days effectively.

--Reinforce the value of team roles. If you are a leader, one of your top priorities should be maintaining communications with the members of your team. Let them know whether their roles are changing and convey how their positions fit into the organization.

--Provide opportunities for leadership. Encourage your team members to step up, expand their skill sets and take advantage of available training opportunities. Let your employees be leaders; allow them to share how they want to get involved.

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