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Tips to help protect your company from a ransomware attack Time:2021/06/28 00:00:00 Hit:46


Small businesses are targeted in 71% of all ransomware attacks, and these attacks often are successful and costly, according to
Following are some precautions you can take to prevent criminals from infiltrating your company’s system.
    1.Ensure your software is up to date. Software providers issue periodic updates that include important security patches and upgrades. It is important to update your security programs regularly and promptly.
    2.Layer security measures. Use more than one security tool, such as a firewall, anti-virus software, anti-malware software, spam filters and cloud data loss prevention. Most experts recommend using a combination of tools so if one fails, there are backup protections in place.
    3.Conduct awareness training. Employee can compromise the security of a company’s data and systems through negligence or human error. It is crucial to educate them about ransomware and how they can help prevent an attack.
    4.Configure access controls. It is important to actively manage who can access your information, giving minimal access to files, programs and accounts only to those who need it.
    5.Implement multifactor authentication or two-factor authentication, which is when a user needs to provide more than a single factor—such as a username and password—to access a platform, system or network. Additionally, be sure your employees are setting strong passwords.
    6.Back up everything. If your system gets compromised, you can avoid having to pay a ransom by backing everything up regularly—every day, if possible.
    7.Enable strong spam filters to your email and other messaging services to reduce the risk of phishing.
There will be less risk of your employees falling for a scam and inadvertently introducing malware into your system.

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