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Mr. Zhu Dongqing, Secretary General of China National Building Waterproof Association, led a delegation team to visit member enterprises in Shanghai Time:2022/01/20 15:19:00 Hit:493

In order to further strengthen the communication with the enterprise, understand the business situation of the enterprise in 2021, investigate the industry operation situation, and listen to the voice of our members, Mr. Zhu Dongqing, Secretary General of CWA, Mr. Xian Yongbiao,  vice president of CWA, Mr. Zhang Yong, Chief engineer and Mr. Zhu Zhiyuan, Deputy director of the expert committee, visited upstream and downstream enterprises in the waterproofing industry in Shanghai and other places from January 9-13, 2022.


During the five-day visits, the delegation team visited 12 enterprises including Jiangsu CANLON Building Materials Co., Ltd., Sika (China) Co., Ltd., Reifenhauser Plastic Machinery (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., and Asia Cuanon Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. , Saint-Gobain (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Yongdening International Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd., Dow Chemical (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Celanese (China) Investment Co., Ltd., WACKER Chemical (China) Co., Ltd., LyondellBasell Polyolefins (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and Monier (Shanghai) Investment Management Co., Ltd. Discussions and conversations were held between the management of relevant companies and the delegation. During the visit, Secretary-General Mr. Zhu Dongqing and his entourage also held small seminars with the vice presidents in Shanghai and heads of branches of the association, as well as the heads of Shanghai waterproofing engineering service providers and supply chain enterprises respectively.


 The CWA delegation visited Jiangsu CANLON Building Materials Co., LTD January 9,2022


The CWA delegation visited Sika (China) Co., LTD, January 10,2022


 The CWA delegation visited Reifenhauser Plastics Machinery (Suzhou) Co., LTD, Jan. 10, 2022


The CWA delegation visited Asia Cuanon Technology (Shanghai) Co., LTD, Jan. 11, 2022


The CWA delegation visited Saint-Gobain (China) Investment Co., LTD, Jan. 11, 2022


The CWA delegation visited Onduline International Trading (Shanghai) Co., LTD, Jan. 11, 2022


The CWA delegation visited Wanhua Chemical Group Co., LTD, January 12,2022


The CWA delegation visited Dow Chemical (China) Investment Co., LTD, January 12,2022


The CWA delegation visited Celanese (China) Investment Co., LTD, January 12,2022


The CWA delegation visited Wacker Chemical (China) Co., LTD, January 13,2022


The CWA delegation visited Lyondellbasell Polyolefin (Shanghai) Co., LTD, January 13,2022


The CWA delegation visited Monier (Shanghai) Investment Management Co., LTD, January 13,2022

Mr. Zhu Dongqing introduced the development trend of domestic waterproofing industry in 2021 to the enterprises visited, and made remarks about the development prospects and opportunities of the industry. He pointed out that 2021 is a year in which the industry has encountered major difficulties in the past ten years or more. Raw material prices run at a very high level throughout the year, the risks in the downstream real estate industry increase sharply, and the transmission mechanism of industry product prices fails, all these factors lead to the increase of the industry's revenue but a decline of the operating profit. The whole industry is facing an overall greater operating pressure. In 2022, the challenges and opportunities coexist the real estate industry is once again defined as the pillar industry of the national economy, the macro-control measures will be more accurate and effective, its raw material supply will be further strengthened, the issue of Full-text Compulsive Waterproofing Standard , the implement of urban and rural construction "Low-carbon strategy", Urban Renovation and Reconstruction of Old Residential Compounds, etc. all the above mentioned are good news which are beneficial to the recovery of the industry as a whole.


Mr. Zhu Dongqing also briefly introduced the main work to be carried out by the secretariat of CWA in 2022 in the aspects of conference, exhibition, vocational skills training and competition, and optimization of industry ecology, and he expresses his gratitude to all enterprises for their support and help to the work of the association.


The interviewed enterprises introduced their own development situation and problems encountered in operation, and put forward their own expectations for the industry and the work of the association.


Since 2009, CWA has organized visits to relevant enterprises in Shanghai and surrounding areas in the first week after New Year's Day every year. The purpose of this measure is to strengthen the communication between the association secretariat and member enterprises, understand the development requirements of enterprises, and seize the development trend of the industry.


Due to the new local COVID-19 cases reported in Shanghai on January 13, the original schedule to visit Shanghai SKSHU Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd. and Soprima (Shanghai) Building Materials Trading Co., Ltd. on January 14 was forced to be the visit this year ended one day in advance.



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