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The Third Waterproof Industry Conference 2022 (5.28 Conference) was successfully held in Nanjing! Time:2022/08/02 15:25:00 Hit:176


On July 27, the Third Waterproofing Industry Conference (528 Conference) 2022, organized by China National Building Waterproof Association and co-organized by Beixin Waterproofing Co., Ltd. was held in Nanjing. Nearly 700 guests and representatives gathered in Nanjing to participate in the grant event. The conference integrates and shares the technical progress and market information of waterproofing coating, green roof, single-ply roof, tile roof, construction technology, enterprise management and other related segmentation directions, leading the industry to constantly innovate and achieve high-quality development. The conference was also sponsored and supported by 14 enterprises and social organizations, as well as a number of media platforms.

Under below are pictures taken at site.






Five industry experts made wonderful speeches in the main forum.


Mr. Xu Xuejun,  Director,

Jiangsu Province Urban Rail Transit Operating Conditions Evaluation Center


Mr.Zhu Dongqing, Secretary General/Professor-level senior Engineer,

China National Building Waterproof Association


Mr. Fan Chao  Deputy General Manager & Chief Analyst,

 Changjiang Securities Building Materials Research Institute


Mr. Zhu Zhiyuan, Chief Engineer /Professor-level Senior engineer,

China Building Materials Inspection and Certification Group Suzhou Co., LTD


Mr. Zhang Yong, Chief engineer/Researcher,

China National  Building Waterproof Association

In order to gain insight into the trends of industry development, exchange technology development trends, and capture market business opportunities, this 528 conference has more content, and 64 industry experts have been invited to share their thoughts and ideas by holding a main forum and six parallel sub-forums. The research results have become a veritable feast of thinking about industry technology and market information.