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Hangzhou moment! The Seventh General Assembly Meeting of the Eighth Council of CWA Successfully Concluded Time:2023/12/15 11:00:00 Hit:74




On December 7th, the 7th Council and 7th Executive Council of the 8th China National Building Waterproof Association were held at the Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel in Hangzhou. Members of the 8th Council, Executive Director, President and Vice President, as well as members of the Supervisory Board, as well as over 900 representatives from member representatives, construction waterproofing enterprises, local associations, research institutions, and media from all over the country, attended the grand event.

According to the schedule, a series of commendation activities and the 7th Waterproof Industry Future Leaders Forum will be held. From the afternoon of the 7th to the 8th, the 23rd China Waterproof Technology and Market Seminar in 2023 will also be held at the same location. At the same time, a demonstration of innovative applications of building waterproofing industry was also held.