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CWA"s Single-ply Roofing Branch Held the 6th Annual Conference Time:2017/01/19 14:55:00 Hit:995

On April 25th, the 6th Annual Conference of China National Building Waterproof Association (CWA)'s Single-ply Roofing Branch was held in Beijing. More than 70 people have attended the meeting, including single-ply roofing experts and representatives from waterproof companies all around China, such as Rockwool Group and OMG China representatives and so on.

                                 Mr. Zhu Dongqing's Address

The President of CWA, Mr. Zhu Dongqing, as a keynote speaker, made the welcome speech, in which he points out that 2011 has witnessed the flourishing development of single-ply roofing system such as the rise of the testing methods for single-ply roofs, the implementation of the product codes for TPO and PVC waterproofing membrane, and the dramatic increasing of the singly-ply roofing projects. And the Single-ply Roofing Branch has contributes a lot to the development of the industry.

                                    Mr. Ge Zhao's Report

The Secretary General of Single-ply Roofing Branch, Mr. Ge Zhao, hosted the conference and made the 2011 annual report, as well as the working plan for 2012.