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China Polyurea Sub-Association Time:2017/01/19 14:42:48 Hit:10370

China Polyurea Sub-Association (CPA) 2011 Annual Conference


The introduction of SPUA into China has facilitated a great development of the polyurea waterproofing in regards to its uses and application practices, especially in China¡¯s high-speed railway project which has spurred the polyurea market and the development of polyurea technology.


Polyurea has been widely used in China for recent years, let alone the application in bridges of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway creeping about 1, 300 kms long. For years later, China will see a mass of polyurea application in the next round of high-speed railway campaign.


In order to draw upon the achievements of China¡¯s polyurea technology so as to determine CPA¡¯s future key work and heighten its applicable level and better meet the needs from the market, CPA plans to hold the Annual Conference and Technical Seminar for Polyurea Technology on 31st May 2011 in Beijing. We quite look forward to your participation.

¢ñ. Main Content of the Annual Conference

1¡¢CPA Work Statement

2¡¢Technical Seminar for Polyurea Technology

¡ñ  Development trend of polyurea market

¡ñ  Technology of Polyurea material

¡ñ  Application of polyurea construction

¡ñ  Case study of polyurea engineering

¡ñ  Standard system of polyurea

¡ñ  Relative materials for polyurea

¡ñ  Construction equipment of polyurea

¡ñ  Exploration of polyurea technology


¢ò. Paper Collection

Your participation of sending us paper to enrich the content of 2011 Annual Conference is highly appreciated and your concern may include:

1¡¢The paper will be selected by the Committee of Experts and delivered by the author at the conference;

2¡¢Topics are not limited for the above eight ones;

3¡¢Please kindly send your paper to


For more information, please contact:

Mr. Shang Huasheng (China National Building Waterproof Association)

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