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Li Weiguo, "Attacker" for Oriental Yuhong: 700 Million within 12 Years, Time:2017/01/19 14:45:00 Hit:2083

Li Weiguo, "Attacker" for Oriental Yuhong: 700 Million within 12 Years,

If the main business of Oriental Yuhong-taking on projects and production is considered as defensive work, Li, then, can be seen as an entrepreneur featuring an attacker. According to statistics, Oriental Yuhong realized sales revenue of 48, 44983 million yuan, an increase by 66.67%, and net profit of 37,3080 million yuan, an increase of 29.08%. For three consecutive financial years, the revenues of main business range and net profits are on steady and progressive increase.


Back to 2005, one of the most concerned question of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games is that August is a rainy reason and how the stadiums can be prevented from leakage and infiltration. Oriental Yuhong made its first million dollars at that time.

In 1995, Oriental bid for the waterproofing project of Water Cube, which was loss-making for Yuhong but gained much reputation within the circle. After this first tie with the Olympic Games, Oriental successively won bids for the waterproofing projects of 26 stadiums out of 31, such as, Bird Nest, Olympic Water Park, Tennis Center, Athletes' Village, Forest Park, etc. This means that Oriental takes more than 80 percent of the Olympic cake pie.