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JFK Airport Now Has An Open-Air Roofdeck Time:2017/01/19 14:44:01 Hit:1726

JFK Airport Now Has An Open-Air Roofdeck

Once you pass through security in an airport, you are locked in until your departure, which can become a horrible experience if you get stuck with a long layover. If you're at JFK, however, now you'll find a fresh-air roof you can lounge on. Also: there is ice cream and your dog is allowed. Airport purgatory just got an upgrade!

Yesterday, JetBlue opened their T5 Rooftop atop Terminal 5 (T5)¡ªcreated mostly from wood and aluminum, and featuring native plantings like oak leaved hydrangeas, lilyturf and sweetsphire. They also promise "spectacular views of Manhattan and the adjacent TWA Terminal." And on top of all that fresh air, there will also be free WiFi, and beverage and food kiosks from NYC vendors like Blue Marble ice cream and Hebrew National hot dogs.

The 4,046-square-foot rooftop includes landscaped green spaces, seating for 50 people, a 400-square-foot children¡¯s play area and a dedicated 400-square-foot dog-walk area. Though you can't really call it a green roof, as all the grass is synthetic.