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China Waterproof Building Museum opened in July Time:2017/01/19 14:46:00 Hit:1747

Approved by Beijing Municipal Cultural Relic Bureau and sponsored by China National Waterproof Building Materials Industry Association, China Waterproof Building Museum has opened in July with a construction area of 1480m2.

The museum is divided into several sections including China Ancient Waterproofing Section, China Modern Section, China Contemporary Section and International Section etc.. The International Section will focus on displaying the advanced waterproofing technology (pictures or photos), products (samples), application equipment and tools, testing methods and procedures (document & photos), typical projects (models or photos) etc. of foreign countries. Besides, it will introduce the international waterproof organizations of different times, major conferences and events, influential publications, technical standards etc..

The museum is to the benefit of the public as well as the waterproof circle. With the collection work continuing on,  any kinds of support to the program from the related foreign companies are welcome.