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What are the top reasons workers do not use PPE properly? Time:2022/10/28 16:46:00 Hit:552


A recent survey conducted by personal protective equipment provider J.J. Keller Safegear shows most safety managers and coordinators have difficulty ensuring workers wear PPE, according to


Survey respondents mainly were from the manufacturing, transportation and construction sectors, and most were responsible for buying PPE, training employees regarding proper use and ensuring employee compliance.


More than 70% of respondents said employees have communicated they do not wear PPE because they simply do not want to, and half of respondents said employees do not believe PPE is necessary or say it makes the job more difficult.


One in three respondents said they struggle to buy PPE in the right sizes—55% said they needed larger sizes and 41% needed smaller ones. The sizing issue most often related to head and upper body protection; 53% said they have trouble with both. Thirty-five percent of respondents said they struggle to find PPE to fit female employees. Respondents emphasized finding the right fit is essential so the PPE fits workers comfortably for their entire workday.


Open-ended comments to the survey indicated managers struggle to ensure proper PPE usage in heat. A previous J.J. Keller survey found 93% of workers’ environments reach temperatures in which using PPE could raise the risk of heat illness. Also, about half of respondents said they sometimes experience supply chain delays—leaving them without crucial protective equipment—and one in four said they experience delays often.



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