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NRCA"s 2015 manual is available Time:2017/01/18 17:20:00 Hit:475

NRCA"s 2015 manual is available

The NRCA Roofing Manual: Membrane Roof Systems¡ª2015 is available in the NRCA Bookstore.

The manual provides comprehensive information, including best industry practices and technical information about the design, materials and installation techniques applicable to membrane roof systems used in low-slope applications.

In addition, the manual provides information about roof decks, air and vapor retarders, rigid board insulation, roof membranes, fasteners, surfacing, accessories, roof system configurations and roof re-coverings. It also offers a new format to help with proper product and material selection, as well as 203 construction details.

The manual is one of four volumes that comprise The NRCA Roofing Manual. The four-volume series also includes The NRCA Roofing Manual: Metal Panel and SPF Roof Systems¡ª2012; The NRCA Roofing Manual: Steep-slope Roof Systems¡ª2013; and The NRCA Roofing Manual: Architectural Metal Flashing, Condensation and Air Leakage Control, and Reroofing¡ª2014.

The member price for the manual is $125, and the nonmember price is $195. NRCA also offers an electronic version of the manual, which is free for members and available on the new NRCA app.